we’re all about communication and design. Our focus is helping you achieve your branding

aspirations. An independent agency, Anemone was established in 2014 and has moved from

strength to strength to work for clients globally on a range of scales. We love to attract forward

thinking clients and tastemakers to produce design outcomes and collaborations that amplify

existing brands and ensure that new start-ups are strategically thought out and break the molds of

their given sector.

We Create

We are a creative team of diverse minds, of diverse cultures, and of different

perspectives, striving for creative ideas that are brilliant and smart. 

We Care

We love making you happy. We are extremely passionate about what

we do, because we believe that nothing is truly special and unique if it

didn’t come from real passion.

We Do Our Homework

When handling your project, we research local and international

practices, consumer behavior, existing benchmarks, and look up

what’s going on currently around the world, to make sure that your

image is comprehensive, timely and long-lasting. We reduce a

complex challenge to a simple strategy.

We Are Dedicated

We’re dedicated to the work we generate, regardless of scope, scale,

or sector, and enjoy nothing more than seeing your project take

shape and come to life. We pay great attention to detail; and are very

careful and precise in crafting ideas.

We Listen

Above all, we listen! We believe every customer is unique. We

listen to you, to your needs, to what is even behind them.

Experience has shown that clients are the best to know what is

needed. We help you extract and translate those ideas to reality.


To be the ‘go to’ bespoke creative design agency
for those seeking a unique service.



We are a passionate, pragmatic, and ‘ready to action’ team
dedicated to meet your unique creative branding and
design needs. We strive to become your preferred design
partner through consistent personalized
and unparalleled customer experience.



We value ethical interactions, honesty and respect for local laws
and regulations.

We believe in excellence in everything we do from the first
interaction to project delivery.

Respect drives all our interactions both internally and externally.

We genuinely care about every project we handle, the people
involved, and the people affected.